Here Are 8 Of The Earliest Signs Of Kidney Damage

Here Are 8 Of The Earliest Signs Of Kidney Damage


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Some of the most important organs for our organism as a whole are our kidneys. They filter the toxins out of our blood. Almost 150 quarts of blood are filtrated every day. All of the excess of fluids are also eliminated. The work our kidneys do helps us have a regulated blood pressure, steady levels of electrolyte and a healthy production of red blood cells. It’s very important for our kidneys to be extremely healthy.

In case they can’t do their work properly, they might be at risk of a failure. Pay attention to these signs that can tell you if your kidneys are in danger:



The excess of fluids won’t be eliminated if our kidneys don’t work well. Because of that, different parts of our body will start to swell.

Urination changes

Foamy urine, trouble urinating, changes in the urine color, an increased urge to urinate as well as pain during urination can all signify failing kidneys.

Skin rashes

In case of non-proper work of the kidneys, numerous toxins will be accumulated in the organism. Your skin will look irritated, dry and with rash. You can’t solve the problem by only applying lotions or skin creams. You need to heal your kidneys first.


In case you have a problem with your kidneys, you may also experience fatigue. If you have healthy kidneys, they’ll produce a hormone called EPO which is important for good red blood cell production. In that way, the oxygen will be properly distributed through our body. In case the production of these blood cells is decreased, they won’t deliver a good amount of oxygen through your body and you’ll experience fatigue.

Shortness of breath

This is another symptom of malfunctioned kidneys which also appears because of the lack of oxygen.

Metallic taste in the mouth

You are maybe experiencing kidney problems if you feel like you have a metallic taste in your mouth. You might also experience severe changes in your appetite.

Back pain

Back pain which appears suddenly and is around your kidneys is also a symptom of a kidney problem.

Loss of focus and dizziness

You may also have problems with your kidneys in case you’re often disoriented or you feel dizzy.

Protect your kidneys by improving their health, eating healthy food that will contain foods abundant in antioxidants and exercising regularly. Make sure you also avoid drinking and smoking!

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