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Mega service station coming this year, says CEO of OOMCO


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This season, Oman’s leading company in the oil and gas sector is coming up with a mega fuel service station which will cater to the needs of people in the Sultanate.

Unlike any other service station, this mega project will be spread over an area of more than 10,000 square metres.

Talking exclusively to Times of Oman, David Khalife, CEO of Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) said that the company is all about innovation and providing services across all aspects of the business, both locally and internationally.

“OOMCO has been extremely successful in the past, but the last two years have been exceptional. The company gained market share of 3.5 per cent in only two years whereas this was done in 4 years previously.”


“This season we are coming up with a mega fuel service station project which be built on an area of more than a 10,000 sqm. The project is not only focusing on filling up your tank, and that’s the reason we call it ‘service’ station. It is going to be just like any other destination where people can get various services including grocery shopping,” Khalife said.

He added: “There are 215 fuel service stations up and down in the country with the biggest chain of supermarket, Ahlain. There are about 110 Ahlain stores across the Sultanate and this is the concept which we will export when we go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

He continued saying that there are two service stations in KSA, and they are building one in Tanzania.

Highlighting some of the on-going projects by OOMCO, Khalife said that developments are ongoing, including state-of-the-art restroom facilities for the people.

“We have dedicated a team and have come up with a programme which will roll out soon. It will provide facilities and offer better restrooms to people including the tourist at stops in key areas of the country. Women and children will definitely feel the difference as it will be more fresh, clean and comfortable for them to use,” the CEO said. He added that currently the company is testing two automatic toilet facilities in Oman.

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Source: Times TV


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