Oreos sold in Oman are Halal, distributor says

Oreos in Oman are halal, as indicated by the organization responsible for conveyance. 

Oreo has said in an announcement yesterday, "We can guarantee you that the majority of our Oreo items made and sold in the GCC are Halal and completely consistent with nearby laws and guidelines." 

"Mondolez are glad that Oreo bread rolls are fabricated here in the GCC and as a dependable organization we generally look to offer our shoppers the best quality item, with marking intended to give clear data about our fixings and their reasonableness for their weight control plans," the announcement included. 

The announcement being referred to has been advanced via web-based networking media, and various muslims in Oman have seen it show up on their courses of events. The announcement caused dread among clients in any case, as they got some information about whether their treats are Halal on the off chance that they are made outside of the GCC.


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