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​PACA’s effort in implementing contingency measures praised by ICAO

The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO has thanked the PACA for its excellent cooperation and successful management of air traffic during the heightened India-Pakistan tensions earlier this year.

According to ICAO, the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA), since the first day of the Indian-Pakistan standoff on February 27 this year, was able to implement new contingency routes and measures in a timely , collaborative and effective manner, despite the challenges as Muscat Flight Information Region is already operating under a contingency scenario due to the tensions in the Middle East.

Mohamed Khalifa, Middle East Regional Director said, "I have the honour to extend my sincere gratefulness to (PACA) for being an essential contributor to the successful implementation of the ATM Contingency Arrangements at the regional and inter-regional levels." He added: "The contingency arrangements were related to the issue between India and Pakistan that lead to the closure of Afghanistan and Pakistan airspace."

Oman's support ensured the continuity of the traffic flows across the Middle East Region.

Mohammed Khalifa added: "ICAO MID Region is the bridge for traffic between Europe and the Asian Pacific. in this respect, Oman's support ensured the continuity of the traffic flow across the MID Region from/to Asia Pacific region through the safe accommodation of the rerouted traffic circumnavigating the impacted area."

He added: "Oman's compliance to the provisions of the MID/AsiaPacific ATM Contingency Plan, in particular to the notification procedures and the working arrangement of the Contingency Coordination Teams CCTS, has been globally recognized."

"I would like to thank the government of the Sultanate of Oman, PACA and you personally, for the continuous support provided by PACA to ICAO activities. I reiterate the excellent working relations and cooperation between Oman and the MID states for the best interests of civil aviation. The office is proud to count a state such as yours in its accreditation area and we look forward to an ongoing professional relationship," Khalifa said.

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Source: Times TV


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