Coronavirus: Two quarantined Italian men play tennis across apartment windows.

Watch Coronavirus Viral Video of Two quarantined Italian men play tennis across apartment windows

With governments and wellbeing authorities around the globe proposing residents to take careful steps and keep away from open social affairs, individuals are concocting imaginative thoughts and systems to invest their energy in isolate. Also, some of them will fill your heart with joy. 

From playing energizing games inside their homes to making a stopgap voyage inside family room, Twitter is loaded up with recordings of individuals benefiting as much as possible from isolate. 

A video of two isolated Italian men playing tennis out of their particular condo windows is circulating around the web on Twitter and it has left the web astonished. 

The video was shared on Twitter by a few clients. 

As indicated by Daily Mail, the two men are from Italy and chosen to not let the novel coronavirus get them down. The nation is at present on lockdown with extreme limitations on work and travel. 

In the clasp, the two men can be seen peeping out of the windows of their individual condos and playing tennis with one another. They even figure out how to make a stunning convention through the 24-second-long video before failing. Indeed, even their neighbors were eager to see the two play tennis over the condo windows and can be seen recording them. 


The creative video left the web dazzled. While numerous individuals imparted the video to thankful remarks, others composed amusing ones as well. One client expressed, "The truism is when life hands you lemons make lemonade," and we can't help but concur.

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