Now, use WhatsApp without opening the app? Here’s how

Now, use WhatsApp without opening the app? Here’s how


1 year ago


Now, you can directly chat with family or friends on WhatsApp’s web version after the Facebook-owned messaging service registered a new domain

In a report on WAbeta Info, the domain is a short link of and can be used to quickly open a chat in WhatsApp. For users to enjoy the new update, they will need to update their app to Android version 2.18.138.

Users need to type number) of the person they want to drop the text to. They will automatically be directed to the chat.

If you try to open a chat with an incorrect WhatsApp phone number, the instant messaging app will notify you as ‘phone number shared via url is invalid’.

Apart from this, WhatsApp recently rolled out sticker album for its Beta Users. The sticker feature is not yet made available to the users for development reasons, it will be enabled in the next releases, according to a report by WAbeta Info.

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