Expats in Oman will be eligible for health insurance

In a statement released by Oman’s Capital Market Authority (CMA), the different companies in the Oman will soon be mandated to provide health insurance for all their employees.

Currently, the CMS is in a process of rolling out health insurance which will be a mandatory one after the Council of Ministers did reach a decision which made the health insurance a compulsory one for the citizens of the country.

“CMA continues its effort for the implementation of compulsory health insurance,” a statement informed.

“The Capital Market Authority is continuing its endeavour to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers, in collaboration with the entities [that are concerned] with the implementation of the compulsory health insurance scheme for the employees in the private sector, expatriates and visitors,” the statement further said.

The statement also said that the decision aimed at meeting the needs of the employees of the private sector relating to coverage of basic health, to limit the high cost to employers in the private sector, in view of the current economic situation. It will also strive to provide quality services by the insurance companies and all the health care unit.

According to the Minister of Health, Mohammed bin Obaid Al Sa’eedi, these plans mentioned by the CMA are in line with the government’s scheme about mandatory health insurance which was made back in September 2017.

As per the statement, “CMA set an executive work plan as milestones for implementation of the health insurance scheme, the key of which is preparing a draft unified health insurance policy for the employees of the private sector and their families, to ensure sound competition and to avoid any future irregularities by insurance companies to provide the customer with proper basic health coverage.”

“CMA reviewed the policy with the relevant entities, such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, insurance companies, health service providers in Oman and Oman Medical Association,” the CMA officials further added.

Author: Manish   


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