Oman technology: How to build an online audience

Oman technology: How to build an online audience


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There is something intimate and personal about blogging that keeps readers hooked and in full anticipation mode for the next post. Perhaps it offers them relatable stories that they identify with on a daily basis, which is why the blog trend has become even bigger in recent years. From simple fashion enthusiasts who give tips on what to wear for the season, to major million dollar companies giving insights on their businesses, blogging has become a crucial tool in today’s online culture. As one could think, starting a blog is relatively easy, but building an audience that would read your content can be challenging and can end up blocking your inspiration. In this article let us explore some of the best ways to successfully build an online audience and help drive traffic to your content.


Quality Comes First 

Blogging in other words means free content, and people can get that almost everywhere. What will set your blog apart from other sites is the quality of your posts. It all starts with how good your content is. There are few ways you can approach this method.

First, you can write original material that hasn’t been written before, which is hard, unless your blog is about a new industry and not fashion or food-related. But, being in Oman gives you an edge; as you can rewrite already-published material and add a bit of an Omani flavour to it, be it for travel or food and can even tackle more serious topics that will offer the reader a valuable insight on Oman.

Second, do your research and find out what others have blogged on your topic, and then try to write a better one than theirs. It could be done by diving deeper into the topic, simplifying it, or writing it from a different perspective. That way, you ought to get organic and consistent readers.

Share, Share, and Share

Social media has become a powerful tool that cannot be missed when starting a blog. As it will be a saviour when it comes to promoting your content, and it reaches a wider audience. Once you are done with the task of writing, you start planning on how to promote it, and the easiest but effective way to go is social media. Whenever you post new content, make sure to share it across all social media platforms, which include Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, and Linkedin. And, share your post more than once (as in sharing the same post every few weeks or months). Do not go overboard with re-sharing content as it may annoy your readers.

Befriend Influencers 

If your following is way too low or you hit a plateau, know it is time to reach out to those who have more experience in luring people into their blogs, the social media influencers. Tapping into their audience could benefit your blog on so many levels. You can try this method by making a list and reaching out to your favourite influencers on major social media platforms. Also ask them to share a couple of your posts, or better yet, be a guest blogger on your blog. That is guaranteed to bring new audience to your blog.

Run a Contest

Contests are fun ways to gain new followers, and also to engage with your existing readers. Not to mention it is a great tool to promote your blog. There are a tonne of ways to hold online competitions and collect entries, from comments and shares, to subscriptions and submissions.

This will surely bring your new audience, especially if the prize is worth it. Make sure that the prize is something relevant or of great value to your readers. For example if your blog is fashion-related, then give prizes such as designer bags instead of cash or dining vouchers. Now, head online and kick off your blog. Good luck.

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