20 Talented People Who Only Became Famous After Their Deaths

9. El Greco

A painter, architect, and sculptor, El Greco always faced ridicule and scorn for his unconventional art. He used a new styles to create distinctive art that'll be remembered in history. Alas, he died in 1614 knowing his life's work was hated. At the wake of 20th century, he was appreciated for being futuristic and modern. In retrospect, he created his own genre of art.

10. Franz Kafka

The man who inspired the term “Kafkaesque,” popularly used to describe bizarre and offbeat ideas, was a nameless writer until his death in 1924, after which even his unfinished work received great appreciation. Posthumously, his work has been riveted for being modern and existential. Having been rejected numerous times, as a last request, the melancholic writer asked his friend to burn his work. If only he knew what his work would be worth one day!

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