5 Secrets To Stay Healthy And Disease Free; Make These Healthy Choices Today

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April each year. Each year a specific theme is given priority. The theme for world health day 2020 is to support nurses and midwives. This theme recognises the vital role of nurses and other health workers. World health day every year also promotes healthy living. A healthy lifestyle and diet are two most efficient ways to control the risk of several diseases. A few simple changes can help boost your overall health. This world health day, let's take a pledge to make all necessary changes in your lifestyle for a healthy life. Here are some healthy practices you can adopt this World Health Day.

1. Eat a balanced diet

Your diet can affect your health in various ways. As it is said, you are what you eat. A healthy and balanced diet can prevent several diseases. Your daily diet should include plenty of nutrients. Make sure that you add enough protein to your diet. Choose your food wisely. Check the ingredients of every food item you buy.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity is linked with several health issues. A healthy weight can help you reduce the risk of several diseases. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you maintain a healthy weight. Exercise will help you burn calories and stay fit.

3. Give equal attention to your mental health

Many just focus on their physical health and do give the required attention to their mental health. Your mental health can affect your day to day activities. Simple practices like meditation or breathing exercises can help you stay stress-free and give a boost to your mental health. If you experience any symptoms related to your mental health, you must seek medical help immediately.

4. Remember smoking kills

You might have this a thousand times, quit smoking. Smoking can negatively affect more than your lungs. Even a single smoking session is bad for your health. You should follow strategies to quit smoking. If you are finding it hard to quit, seek medical help.

5. Make water your most important drink of the day

If you drink too many colas, carbonated drinks or caffeine throughout the day you are adding some unnecessary ingredients to your diet. Most drinks are loaded with sugar that can lead to weight gain. You should drink more water throughout the day. Also try to replace sugary drinks with herbal teas, lemon water or detox water.

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