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Fashion Show of “Terracotta Warriors” Held at Chang’an Pagoda Overlook of Silk Road from "Chang’an Eye"

The ancient Terracotta Warriors also have fashion elements. In Xi'an, one of the ancient capitals, a fashion show was performed under the Chang'an Pagoda in the Chanba Ecological District, which makes Terracotta Warriors step out of the history and glow with freshness and vigor. Xu Xiaoping, a famous fashion designer in China, introduced that the show was inspired by Terracotta Warriors, with the model's hairstyle originated from the hair decorations of the Terracotta Warriors. In fact, the Terracotta Warriors were not "ashy-faced". According to historians' textual research, these figures had more than a dozen of pigments including vermilion, pink, green, orange, yellow and so on. After excavation, they lost their original colors due to environmental changes. Wang Hongmin, the fashion show director, said that the fashion show under the Chang'an Pagoda was a restoration of the “original colors” of the Terracotta Warriors.

Chanhe and Bahe rivers have witnessed the ancient civilization of China, and now they take on a modern look. Located in the east part of Xi'an, Xi'an Chanba Ecological District was established in September 2004, with a scheduled area of 129 square kilometers. It is the first national ecological district, national water ecosystem protection and restoration demonstration zone and national green ecological demonstration zone in Northwest China. Over the past 15 years, through continuous control, Chanba Ecological District has become an "ecological sample" for the harmonious coexistence between waters and cities, contributing "Chinese wisdom" to the global green development.

As a great city that once glowed with brilliance in world history, Xi'an nowadays has become a green, modern, fashionable and open international ecological city with profound historical and cultural connotations. Aiming at establishing an international convention and exhibition district, Xi'an Chanba Ecological District is building the Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center, a complex of convention and exhibition integrated with ecologicalization, internationalization and intellectualization. It will provide a comprehensive platform of exhibition, conference, exchange and transaction for the countries, regions and cities along the Belt and Road, creating a new platform of international cooperation and a new window for opening up.

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