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Saudi Arabia Lubricant Sales Volume is Expected to Reach over 500 Million Litres by 2023: Ken Research

Ken Research in their latest publication Saudi Arabia Lubricants Market Outlook to 2023 – By Automotive (Passenger Car Motor Oil, Heavy Duty Engine oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils & transmission, and Greases), Industrial lubricants (Engine Oils, Turbine oils, Hydraulic oils, Industrial Gear oils, Transformer oils, Compressor oils, Greases); By Origin (Mineral, Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic)observed that the market is expected to register a positive CAGR of 3.4% in terms of revenue and a CAGR of 0.8% in terms of sales volume / domestic consumption of lubricants during 2018–2023.

This market intelligence report provides detailed market opportunities in automotive and industrial lubricant industry in KSA, with over 100 KPIs, covering end markets, product type, and distribution channel. It provides a domestic production, revenue and sales volume of lubricant sector through 100+ data tables and charts.

Key Segments Covered

By Origin

  • Mineral

  • Synthetic

  • Semi-Synthetic

Saudi Arabia Automotive Lubricant Sales

By Type

  • Passenger Car Motor Oils

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Gear Oils & Transmission Fluids

  • Greases

By End User

  • Passenger Vehicles

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Marine and Aviation

By Distribution Channel

  • Puncture Shops

  • Company Owned-Operated Outlets

  • Auto OEM’s

  • Others: Others include wholesalers, retailers and OEM service centers.

KSA Industrial Lubricants Sales

By Type

  • Engine Oils

  • Turbine oils

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Industrial Gear oils

  • Transformer oils

  • Compressor oils

  • Greases

  • Others: Include specialty lubricants which are custom made like bearing and circuiting oils, rolling oils, spindle oils, slideway oils and process oils.

By End User

  • Construction and Heavy Transport/Fleet

  • Power generation

  • Manufacturing

By Distribution Channel

  • Direct Sales as per Approval of OEMs

  • Dealer Networks

Companies Covered:

  • Petromin Corporation

  • Shell (JOSLOC)

  • Castrol

  • Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia

  • Mobil (Delta Group)

  • Total

  • Petronas (Unified Lubricants Company)

  • Chevron Al Bakri Lubricants Company

  • Raf Oil Industries

  • Gulf Oil Middle East Limited

  • Haji Abdullah Alireza & Co. Ltd

  • Amsoil

  • Arabian Plant for Lubricants and Greases (APLG)

  • United Lube Oil Company. (UNILUBE)

  • Yanbu United Industrial Services

  • Saudi Oil Company

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