Now, Gmail will remind you to reply to Emails with a Nudge

Now, Gmail will remind you to reply to Emails with a Nudge

Gmail just went through a pretty major redesign, changing not only the looks of the email client, but also beefing up its productivity. As part of the redesign of Gmail, a new ‘Nudge’ feature is now rolling out to users. ‘Nudge’, as the name suggests, is designed to remind users of missed emails. The feature urges users to reply to emails they might have skipped reading by mistake and also bumps up older important emails to the top of the inbox in order to make them more prominent.

Gmail will Nudge users automatically without them having to activate the feature from settings. Gmail will judge if an email needs the user’s attention thanks to the AI smarts built into the email client. The important email will then display a highlighted alert next to the subject line with the sent date of the email, urging users to respond with a reply. Additionally, the new feature will also Nudge Gmail users to follow up on an email for which they have not received a reply.

Since the feature is powered by AI, users need not enable it. It is enabled for all users on the redesigned Gmail client by default and can be disabled from the settings in case users don’t take to it.

Other new Gmail features include the new Smart Compose tool which Google recently rolled out during its annual developer conference.  The Smart Compose tool is available as an experimental feature on the new Gmail and it lets users compose emails from scratch using AI to predict entire sentences user are likely to type.

In tow with Gmail’s redesign, Google Drive also received an update recently. Drive now looks refreshed and while there were no changes made to the cloud storage’s functionality, it received visual tweaks to create what Google calls “a responsive and efficient experience for Drive users.”

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