This 17 year old found a critical security hole in Google!

This 17 year old found a critical security hole in Google!

Google has quite a lucrative bug bounty program -- where the company gives away millions of dollars in reward to ethical hackers and security experts for reporting security holes.

And the search engine giant recently awarded a Uruguayan teenager $36,000 for reporting a serious security hole.

The security bug that 17-year-old Ezequiel Pereira uncovered would have allowed hackers to make changes to Google's internal systems.

Pereira got his first computer at age 10 and he pretty much has been programming and writing code ever since the age of 11. From a young age, fuelled by his interest of computers, Pereira taught himself different programming languages and regularly participated in coding and programming contests. In fact, one such coding event actually earned the Uruguayan teenager a trip to Google's headquarters in California, back in 2016.


While Ezequiel Pereira has submitted his reports to Google’s bug bounty program four times in the past -- once when he won $10,000 -- this fifth time is undoubtedly the most valuable windfall he's won as reward from Google, worth $36,000.

It's when you come across impressive personalities like Ezequiel Pereira, people who have achieved so much fame and fortune at such a young age, that you start questioning your life choices. Oh well.

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Source: Indiatimes


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