Coronavirus: Oman suspends tourist visas for a month

Coronavirus: Oman suspends tourist visas for a month

Dubai: Oman has chosen to suspend all vacationer visas for one month, beginning March 15, as a prudent step against coronavirus.

The choice was taken during a gathering of a unique advisory group, which was set up to handle the flare-up of COVID-19. 

The Committee talked about different parts of taking care of the pandemic and took choices: 

1. To stop vacationer visas for all nations. 

2. To suspend a wide range of sports exercises. 

3. To stop all non-class understudy exercises while simultaneously contemplating techniques that may be attempted later as per refreshed pandemic information. 

4. To stop the section of luxury ships to ports of the Sultanate. 

5. To confine court meeting participation to the gatherings concerned as it were. 

6. To boycott serving shisha to clients at all authorized outlets. 


The board additionally prescribed non-travel abroad, aside from in crisis cases, usage of preventive measures at spots of love and family get-togethers and film lobbies.

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