Four New Covid-19 Cases in Oman

Four New Covid-19 Cases in Oman

The Ministry of Health (MoH) on Saturday announced the registration of four new Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases taking the total to 52. Of these, 13 patients have recovered.

All the four new patients are citizens. ‘Two of the cases are linked to previous infected cases while the remaining two are linked to travel to the UK and Spain,’ the ministry stated.
MoH has called upon all to adhere to the quarantine procedures as instructed and avoid public places.

Oman Air suspends flights
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India has suspended all commercial flights to and from the country effective March 22, 2020. As a result of this directive, Oman Air is suspending all flights to India until March 28, 2020 pending further updates.
Indian authorities have said flights will not be allowed to enter the country after 0001 GMT on March 22.
Travellers based in India holding Oman Air bookings can contact the call centre at 011246421111 (24 hours) and reservation offices from 9am to 5.30pm (Monday to Saturday) on 02262729000 or 01149970000.

Legal action
The Public Prosecution has taken legal action against those circulating incorrect news related to COVID-19.
‘Those who published and spread rumours were summoned, interrogated and temporarily detained as a precaution. The cases were referred to the competent courts,’ the Pubic Prosecution stated.

MoH recall
The Directorate General of Pharmacy and Drug Control of the Ministry of Health in Oman has withdrawn two products from the market as follow:

Shield hand sanitising gel product produced by Bon Pharmaceutical Industries, Saudi Arabia

First hand sanitising gel, produced by Rayat al Bayan Factory for Medical Sterilisers and Disinfectants in Saudi Arabia

MoH said that the products have been recalled as they contain a high percentage of methanol. ‘We advise citizens and residents to stop buying and using these two products. Both are not registered with us,’ the ministry stated.


MoM directive
The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) has urged private sector companies to direct expatriate workforce to stay in their residences after working hours, and during weekends and vacations. ‘They should visit public places and markets only in the cases of extreme necessity. Legal measures will be initiated against anyone violating the directive. We request everyone to cooperate on this matter,’ it said.

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