Municipal authorities demolish houses in Muscat

Municipal authorities demolish houses in Muscat

Daily Oman

11 months   ago


Muscat Municipality has begun demolishing abandoned and old houses in Wadi Al Bahayes, since a legal deadline of February 11 for proof of ownership has expired.

Last week, Municipal authorities in Seeb called for owners whose houses were in dilapidated conditions, in Wadi Al Bahayes, to visit the Directorate immediately if they didn’t want their homes to be razed down.


Homeowners were asked by Muscat Municipality to “bring along identification and documents of ownership by February 11, 2018”, failure of which could lead to the demolition of their property.

“The homes will be demolished according to the legislative procedures of the municipality and in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police, if no revisions are made,” added the municipality.


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