Oman terrorism free eighth year in a row

Oman terrorism free eighth year in a row

Muscat: Oman has achieved a zero terrorism rating among all of the countries of the world, for the eighth time in a row, the Royal Oman Police has said, on the occasion of the ROP Day, which falls on January 5 every year.

The rating was issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace, and highlights the country’s commitment to keeping Oman free from acts of terror. Oman has received a zero rating ever since this report was first issued in 2012.

The achievement is due to the good values of Omani society, and the historical and cultural legacy of the Sultanate that rejects intolerance and hatred. This has made it possible for the Royal Oman Police and other military and security agencies to maintain safety and security in the Sultanate, in addition to the support provided to these organisations by the government.

“The Royal Oman Police is keen to provide security coverage and police presence across all locations, through police stations spread throughout the Sultanate, and to provide traffic, passport, residence and civil status services through service centres in various wilayats,” said the ROP report.

“Support units of the Special Mission Police enjoy the highest level of training and efficiency to face any kind of emergency, and have been provided advanced equipment to help all elements of the ROP where required,” it added.

To strengthen these efforts, the Royal Oman Police is keen to cooperate with various government and private sectors and coordinate with civil society institutions, and the media, to spread awareness among the various groups of society.

Through successes that have come due to hard work, the Royal Oman Police does not hesitate to do more to provide the right services to citizens, residents of the country as well as visitors.

These principles are the ones on which the ROP can build a sustainable mode of operating that will help in the formation of a modern integrated police force that works in harmony with civil society.

These achievements could not have been achieved without elaborate training and correct procedures, which aim at respecting the human element across all responsibilities carried out by the ROP.

The Police General Command has directed its attention towards preparing and qualifying its employees in line with the nature of their tasks and the challenges they are likely to face.

Police cadets, who receive training at the Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Sciences, the Officer Training Institute, and the training departments of the various Royal Oman Police units, are exposed to their roles using the latest training and educational programmes and their practical applications, which provide police personnel with the necessary skills to deal with the various aspects of their job.

“The relationship between the police and society is one of partnership and complementarity in order to establish the foundations of citizenship and the law,” added the report. “The most important aspect of this is to support society so as to correctly guide the behaviour of its members. The ROP is the embodiment of the society to maintain order and security, in the form of the laws set to benefit its citizens and residents.

“The first priority among these laws is to deter human rights and human trafficking,” added the report. “Oman’s society is clearly aware of the partnership between itself and the ROP to establish the foundations of safety and security in the country. Oman’s citizens have contributed towards the success of the police, because they understand the importance of our goals. Our people are our true partners towards achieving our desired objectives.”

The ROP will continue to work to achieve its goals, according to a clear-cut vision towards continuing to provide successes in the form of security and stability in the country. The vision of the Royal Oman Police is based on building a modern police capable of providing good service, and able to perform the duties assigned to everyone on the force.  

Efficiency and the ability to preserve the progress the nation has made, creating broader horizons to help comprehensive development of all, and expanding the availability of its various services throughout the country using advanced technologies are the key priorities of the ROP.

“The achievements of the Royal Oman Police were not earned overnight, but rather were preceded by deliberate and systematic plans and strategies, and continuous tireless efforts towards their success,” the ROP report said. “Those who follow the history of the Royal Oman Police are aware of the level of development and modernisation that the police have witnessed in various fields, which was done to extend the umbrella of security and safety throughout Oman.

“This includes making police services available to all through integrated electronic systems, and the simplification and improvement of police services,” the ROP added. “Royal Oman Police personnel have proven highly efficient in dealing with all of the developments that have taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have adopted modern technologies to provide the best police services. This is in addition to the efforts made in the areas of crime prevention, traffic and customs.”

The ROPs successes are part of the continuation of the blessed and renewed renaissance under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik.

To make sure Oman’s coasts are always safe, Coast Guard police boats patrol w territorial waters, performing their security and humanitarian roles in cooperation with other military and security agencies.
In addition to search and rescue operations, Coast Guard police carry out the tasks of combating smuggling, piracy and infiltration, and maintaining security and order in ports and marine facilities as well protecting important facilities located on the beaches, and coordinating with the competent agencies in combating marine pollution.

The Coast Guard Police Command in the area of Sidab in Muscat Governorate includes a marina supported by a floating dock with facilities for mooring boats of various sizes, as well as an operations department equipped with the latest means of communication, technology and maritime navigation. Its Maritime Rescue Department provides assistance to sea-goers through rescue teams ready to intervene in cases of drowning and various marine accidents.

Police aviation in the Sultanate enjoys efficiency, as the Royal Oman Police has strengthened the role of the Directorate General of Police Aviation, which assigns duties to the various units of the force. It conducts patrols to monitor the coasts to keep an eye on suspect marine craft in the territorial waters of the Sultanate.

It also helps other police units in remote areas and difficult terrain that require a continuous security presence, in addition to carrying out search and rescue operations, medical evacuations and transport food to areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

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