Oman to open field hospital in two week, minister says

Oman to open field hospital in two week, minister says

 The members of the Supreme Committee are holding a press conference to talk about the latest development on Covid-19.
Speakers attending the press meet:

HE Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi, Minister of Health

HE Eng. Said bin Hamoud Al Mawali, Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology

HE Dr. Mohammed Al Zaabi, President of Civil Aviation Authority

Excerpts from the press meet:

1- Minister of Health: The recovery rate has decreased from 94% to 91% due to the increase in coronavirus cases.

2- Minister of Health: Field hospital will be opened in two weeks.

3- Minister of Health: We have reached 190 patients in intensive care unit within one day, and this is a record that we have not seen before.

4- Minister of Health: We hope that the first batch of the vaccine will reach us before the end of the year. The distribution of the vaccine will start with the medical and security teams and then to the most dangerous groups and those with chronic diseases.

5- Minister of Health: The media should fight malicious and misleading messages and refute them with facts.

6- Minister of Health: This disease is real, one of the person told us he lost 6 people from his family and relatives within two weeks.

7- Minister of Information: All types of media, radio, newspapers and online, have contributed to spreading scientific knowledge about Coronavirus.

8- Minister of Health: The return of employees and the opening of commercial activities is one of the factors causing the spread of the virus, but the main factor in the increase in the number of infected cases is due to lack of compliance with precautionary measures and social distancing.

9- Minister of Health: We lost one of our daughters last week. An expat nurse who came from one of the governorates to the governorate of Muscat to help and support. She was just 37-years and fought the virus and died.

10- Minister of Health: I call on all government and private agencies to adhere to the decisions and guidelines followed to limit the spread of the virus.

11- Minister of Transport: The seventh package of commercial activities will be announced soon, at the last meeting we discussed the reopening of 11 activities and it was agreed to open only 3 activities of which only will be announced soon.

12- President of Civil Aviation Authority: Domestic flights to Salalah to resume soon.

13- Minister of Transport: Travel insurance must for those travelling to Oman for 30-days.

14- Dr. Saif Al Abri: Those arriving in Oman must download the Tarassud Plus App and must do PCR tests. These procedures will be applicable to airports, and a specialized team will be present to do the PCR examination to all. And anyone coming through land ports must bring a PCR test and must wear a bracelet.

15- Minister of Transport: International flights will operate from Muscat international airport only, and will decide later for other airports.

16- The Minister of Health: A private institution has tampered with the Covid-19 tests and it was closed down. The government will not tolerate such behaviours.

17- Minister of Health: 2848 medical staff have been infected with COVID-19.

18- Minister of Health: The death rate is 1% in the Sultanate of all COVID-19 cases recorded.

19- Dr. Saif Al Abri: So far, we have not recorded repeated cases of infection for a person. Some institutions require a Covid-19 negative certificate, and this is not possible because the examination may appear positive for a long time even the person have been recovered.

20 - Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology: I was in discussion with the Minister of Education, and there are discussions with telecommunications companies in the Sultanate, the possibility of having reduced packages for students and parents.

21- Dr. Saif Al Abri: Some groups will be excluded from PCR examination when they enter the Sultanate through land ports, and they will be determined by a decision from the Supreme Committee.

22- Minister of Health: Donations to the Corona Fund exceeded OMR 33 million riyals and 29 million has been disbursed.

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