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ROP: Drive safe during holidays

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged motorists to exercise caution while driving on the roads on longer routes during the Eid holidays.
The number of road accidents during the holidays, owing to various reasons has seen a sharp rise than other occasions.
Road traffic accidents in Oman reported a marked slump owing to the all-round efforts of the ROP and other agencies and touched a 5-year low last year by 67 per cent, injuries by 34 per cent, and deaths by 53 per cent since 2012.
However, accidents during the holidays didn’t make much of a change and in many a case, tragedies had hit several families in the form of road accidents which could otherwise have been a leisure trip.
“Road accidents during the holidays have always been on the rise in comparison with other times, due to various reasons, said a top official at the Traffic Department.
According to him, the reasons may be speed, reckless driving, fatigue, multitasking including usage of mobile phones, faulty parts of the vehicle that can break down in extreme summer, and the like.
“But what is most striking is that most of the accidents are due to recklessness and overspeeding which could have been avoided if proper attention was given”, he adds.
During last year Eid holidays, members of two families were
killed in a road crash near Haima during a drive while two children were killed and their father sustained severe injuries crippling him for life after their motorcycle collided with another vehicle in Shinas during the holidays.
A 9-day-long holiday had its own trail of tragedies when nearly 14 Omanis and expatriates lost their lives in different incidents in Salalah, Al Kamil W’al Wafi the year before.
“Precaution is always better. Please make sure you’re driving a vehicle which is fit for the road, you are not tired, and that you’re not overspeeding. If you feel tired, pull your car aside and rest for some time before you proceed”, he added.

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Source: Oman Observer


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