Rustaq Hospital becomes COVID-free

Rustaq Hospital becomes COVID-free

Muscat: With zero patients of COVID-19 Rustaq Reference Hospital has achieved great success and feels proud of it after 10 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sulaiman Al Meqbali said. 

Speaking exclusively to Times of Oman, Dr Sulaiman Al Meqbali, an intensive care consultant at the Rustaq Reference Hospital, said, “We feel joy and happiness as we see the last COVID-19 patient leaving Rustaq Hospital. We have achieved great success and feel proud of that 10 months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the announcement that the Sultanate reported the discovery of the first two cases infected with the Coronavirus in November 2020, as the last 41-year-old patient suffering from COVID-19 left on Tuesday and is healthy, praise be to God, and he was hospitalized in the Rustaq Reference Hospital in intensive care from December 20, 2020.”

Dr. Al Meqbali continued, “The patient was suffering from respiratory problems, and we had to use a ventilator to save his life, and with medical care, we were able, thank God, to bypass the danger stage and the patient recovered gradually.”

Dr. Sulaiman confirmed that during the peak days of COVID-19 during two close periods from July to September 2020, the number of Covid patients in hospital and intensive care reached 35, 15 of whom were in intensive care.

“The number of Covid-19 patients in Rustaq Reference Hospital reached 813 since the start of the pandemic until yesterday, when the last patient left, and most of them were suffering from respiratory problems and their need for artificial oxygen,” he added.

Dr. Sulaiman supervised the treatment of a number of patients in intensive care, whose ages ranged from 18 years to more than 80 years.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Meqbali concluded, “We have achieved a great moment in treating Covid 19 patients and preserving their lives. We have gone through difficult circumstances and we felt very sad for them and very sad if we lost one of them, yesterday was the last patient to leave Rustaq Hospital, and this is due to the commitment of citizens and residents to self-protection and follow health procedures. I thank them and all the employees and administrators at Rustaq Reference Hospital.” 

A statement issued online by General Directorate of Health Services in South Al Batinah Governorate said that Rustaq Hospital on Tuesday, bid farewell to the last recovered patient from coronavirus, who was discharged from the hospital with health and wellness. All thanks and appreciation to the front-line staff, and thanks to the citizens and residents, for adhering to the necessary measures to curb the pandemic. 



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