High-speed government network launched in Oman

High-speed government network launched in Oman

The Ministry of Technology and Communication in Oman together with Oman Broadband and Ooredoo has launched the high-speed Oman Government Network (OGN) in Muscat.

This is an integrated and safe government network that meets the future demands of e.oman projects, like the G-Cloud, the official Oman eGovernment services portal, the National Data Center and other e.oman infrastructure projects.

Dhafir bin Saif Al-Kalbani, Director General of Infrastructure, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Technology and Communication, said: “The high-speed Oman Government Network replaced the current OGN in 63 government entities in Muscat including all ministry headquarters and some of their main branches in the capital.

“They were linked using fibre optics network in a way that helps these entities in benefiting from the new network to provide their eServices with a better quality and a speed that reaches 1 GB in all government sites.

“Moreover, the new network will play a role in upgrading the capacity of the OGN’s ISDN lines and elevating its quality while decreasing the previous costs. Our hope for this network is for it to have a vital role in supporting a quicker Digital Transformation process in Oman and serving all important sectors like health, education, manufacturing, tourism, economy, and other sectors through providing high-quality eServices.”

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