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Eid recipes: A feast awaits you

Feasting is a very important part of eid celebrations. so get ready to expand your palate this ei

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wilayat of al hamra, Mountain peaks in Oman, tourism in Oman, places to visit in Oman, trekking places in oman, travel and tourism places in oman

Al Jabal Al Sharqi, an unique tourist attraction in Al Hamra

The Wilayat of Al Hamra in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah is one the wilayats that have many mo

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Activities that can help manage bad behaviour in children

When children misbehave, there’s often a reason for it, according to experts, who point out

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Visit Dhofar’s beautiful and enchanting waterfalls

 Nine days of vacation start tomorrow and of course many of you plan to use this as an oppor

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Drug resistant malaria, southeast asia, Health, Latest health news, Asia health news, vietnam

Drug resistant malaria strain strikes Southeast Asia

Two recent studies have identified that the presence of drug-resistant strains of malaria is on t

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Oman, Oman Airport, Traveller traffic at Oman Airport, Latest report, Latest oman news

Over 7 million passengers use Sultanate’s airports from Jan to May

Oman witnessed a spike in traveller traffic at its airports, with more than seven million passeng

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wonder child, child with extra talent, Amazing people around the world, extra talented people around the world, Indian Girl with extra talent


Ms. Raahi Amit Singh was born on April 16, 2014. She started Started Gita chanting at t

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Learn how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant

Dieters, in general, steer clear of Mexican restaurants because of the lard-laden foods that make

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Soup, Recipe, chicken soup, healthy soup, summer diet,

There’s a chicken soup for every season, and this one says summer

These are the days when food sites thrill to charms of seasonal eating. Tastes like summer! Perfe

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Blog, Technology,  blotware, technology news, technology blog, Phone, PC, OmanDay

Buying a new phone or PC? Beware of bloatware

When buying a new mobile or PC, we expect it to come in a pristine state and work perfectly.

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Weekend recipes, Smoked beef, barbecue, blog, lifestyle, OmanDay, beef, tender beef recipes, beef recipes

Smoking basics for mastering the art of beef

Weekends are all about parties and barbecue. Many home grill masters yearn to take it to the next

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Salads for lazy summer days

Chicken salad Ingredients •

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Digital economy, GCC Regions, Oil and Gas, Latest Oman news, Blog, Technology, 5G Network

Digital economy in the GCC region: Moving beyond Oil and Gas

As telecom providers in most countries of the GCC region trial 5G networks, we find ourselves in

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This is how you can remove Kidney stones in 7 days!

This is how you can remove Kidney stones in 7 days!

A kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus or nephrolith, is a solid piece of materia

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