Salalah Night Life- Club and Bars

Salalah Night Life- Club and Bars

Salalah Night Life- Club and Bars

Live Music Variety

One thing you will not lack in Salalah is a wide variety of music. While other locations may have a certain culture or genre that their live music clings to, here you’ll find a broad scope to explore. Hit the town with some of your friends and experience music from Arabic, African, Indian, Lebanese, South-Indian and Filipino bars. Bar-hopping just got more exciting, because each bar is so unique.

Tip: Proper shoes are required in Arabic bars, otherwise dress code is generally casual


Holiday Inn Bar

If you’re staying at the Holiday Inn in Salalahyou’ll find a bar experience right under your nose. This inn has a smallish bar with a live band on stage for entertainment and plenty of drinks to go around. Some of the performers may be a little out of date, but then watching dancers doing 70s and 80s dance moves can be quite hilarious. You might also witness local guys buying garlands of flowers and putting them around girls’ necks while also trying to slip them their phone numbers!


  • Al Luban Night Club


The Al Luban Night Club, housed at the lobby level of Crowne Plaza Resort, is a restaurant cum night club that is frequented by tourists and well-heeled locals. The elegant and expensive party destination serves gourmet cuisine and features live performances by several local and international brands. The DJ plays great tunes and there are some special weekend nights, when local singers and dancers are invited to entertain the crowds.  The glamorous party haunt is one of the few spots in Salalah, where you can let your hair down and dance like crazy.

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