New tourist visa rules announced in Oman

New tourist visa rules announced in Oman

Tourists can now stay in Oman for a week longer on a multiple entry one year visa, thanks to new regulations issued by ROP.

The force has made changes to the Foreigner Residency Law, including extending the length of stay in Oman for tourists from three weeks at a time to one month for one year visa holders.


"The holder is entitled to enter the Sultanate more than once during the period of its validity and to stay there for a period not exceeding one month at a time," the ROP said.

The ROP also said that the one month tourist visit visa “shall be granted by the competent authority to anybody who wishes to enter the Sultanate for the purpose of tourism, shall be valid for one month and may be extended for a similar period.

"The competent authority shall grant it to all the legal ports of the Sultanate to the nationals of the countries it specifies, at their request and shall be granted by the Sultanate's representatives abroad."


ROP reveals fees for tourist and expat related visas in Oman

Royal Oman Police on Sunday announced certain changes to the Foreigners Residency Law, following which the new fees for visas offered to tourists and expatriates (work and family/relatives joining ) were released.

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