20 Talented People Who Only Became Famous After Their Deaths

3. Galileo Galilei

The Father of Modern Physics, this man took us a little closer to the celestial bodies through his invention of the telescope and visionary theories about the solar system. But he was highly criticized and ridiculed during his time as his vision contrasted the predominant religious beliefs of society. The revolutionary scientist, mathematician, and astronomer who passed away in 1642 is still idolized by many. Thankfully, his brilliance and advanced scientific ideologies gained acceptance in the early 19th century.

4. Edgar Allan Poe

A strong, significant pillar in the literary world today, this American writer led a life of misery and died in 1849. Barely being able to afford two square meals a day, he took to alcoholism after his wife's death. Today we know him as the American Romantic Movement writer who was also the first to introduce the world to detective-fiction short stories and is honoured for his novel ideas, theme and writing style.

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