Gilead Sciences, a Company with Permission to Fight Coronavirus

Gilead Sciences: a Company with Permission to Fight Coronavirus

Shares of Biopharmaceutical Company Gilead Sciences continue to climb despite market turbulence. Since the beginning of 2020, shares gained more than 14%. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Gilead Sciences became the first biopharmaceutical company, which could develop a drug treatment to fight COVID-19.

Gilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company focused on research, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines to improve care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. The company mostly focuses on treatments to HIV, AIDS, liver disease, and severe cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, which include Coronavirus.

The company has been known mainly for HIV treatment since 1990, when Michael L. Riordan and Erik De Clerq were accompanied by scientist Antonin Holy. The three of them were referred to as "The Holy Trinity". Antonín Holy played an important role in creating drugs to treat HIV and Hepatitis B.

After 5 years of its existence, Gilead Sciences entered NASDAQ. Back then, the company already cooperated with Mr. Holy, whose drugs were and still are among the most successful and best-earning drugs ever sold by Gilead Sciences.

The company's current success is permission to use its experimental drug treatment of Coronavirus. The U.S. allowed a procedure, which enables emergency treatment with unapproved drugs.

Gilead Sciences keeps developing treatment for HIV and is further progressing towards drug application to enhance immune function of a patient, which leads to viral remission and reduces patient's reactions in the absence of antiretroviral therapy.

Since the beginning of 2020, shares of the company gained more than 14%. The main reason is drug treatment to fight COVID-19. Yet, similarly to other companies, Gilead Sciences has experienced decline due to investment spillovers in March. According to Alpho analysis, Gilead is not exception in current sentiments that make investors prefer less risky types of assets.

Main representatives of Gilead Sciences announced that HIV treatment remains the ultimate long-term goal for research and development efforts of the biopharmaceutical company

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