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Things you wanted to know about an introvert

We all have a friend who we call the ‘introvert’, and along with the ‘introvert’ tag, we also associate a few personality traits to the individual. It’s likely they’ve never really fought back when we’ve introduced them with a string of relevant adjectives which we thought were appropriate (because perhaps that’s just who they are), but the truth is that not all introverts are inherently shy, suffer from social anxiety, or have a dark secret they need to hide. Here are 8 things about introverts:

1 Alone time is not for brooding

It’s anything but that. Introverts spend their alone time relaxing, meditating, reading, or even doing some self-reflection and thinking. It’s not that they are upset – they simply enjoy their own company and are perfectly happy pursuing what they like doing on their own.

2 They like people

Just not for an extended period of time! Introverts don’t have a problem socialising, but they need to recharge after a point, and they do so by retreating to their personal space. It’s like the ‘me time’ we all enjoy; just that they need to do it more often.

3 Change isn’t what they are aiming at

An introvert, generally, is perfectly comfortable being an introvert and has no desire to be the loudest person in the party, attract all the attention, or be in the limelight. Pushing them to be an extrovert (let’s admit, we’re guilty of that) makes them uncomfortable.

4 They can be choosy

Introverts choose their friends wisely. They take some time to analyze people (because they tend to be more intuitive), open up gradually, and usually have a limited set of people they call friends. If you qualify as one of the ‘friends’, know that you are special.

5 Honest compassion is a key trait

Unlike a lot of people who fake sympathy, introverts mean what they say. When they show empathy towards a cause, they mean it from the bottom of the heart.

6 Smaller groups

Introverts work better with smaller groups as opposed to larger crowds. This is because they prefer to connect with people by engaging in deeper conversations rather than resorting to mere small talk.

7 Maintaining silence is a choice

They aren’t necessarily tongue-tied, bashful, or socially awkward. They’ll join in when you least expect them to, and you can be certain they will contribute meaningfully to the conversation.

8 Quietness equals observation

Ask an introvert what your colleague was wearing at the office gathering two days ago, and it’s likely they will be able to give you pretty intricate details (and more than just what the attire was). They weren’t just quietly sitting in the corner; they were observing and even amusing themselves by being the sole witness to the senseless acts that the guilty parties thought were going to go unnoticed.


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