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Thinning of hair is not always a sign of ageing

Probably the worst thing to do when you notice thinning of hair is to not pay attention to it. It’s not always a sign of ageing; you could actually be losing hair because of one of these seven common reasons.

1. Dry shampoo

Just because it says ‘shampoo’ doesn’t mean you can use it as a substitute for the regular thing. Dry shampoos are great alternatives for those cold winter mornings or when you are running too late to squeeze in a hair wash, but using it repeatedly without washing your scalp in between can increase grime build-up at your roots. Just like the rest of the body, your scalp needs that thorough wash.

2. Harmful styling

Alright, so you’ve realised that your locks aren’t as voluminous as they used to be. We also understand that it is quite reasonable to want a quick fix. But if you are going to take recourse to measures like teasing, curling, and hair extensions, it will only make things worse. Try speaking to your stylist to give you a good haircut instead.

3. Hard water

Hard water is indirectly linked to hair thinning as it makes your locks brittle and more prone to breakage, especially if you are the types who tend to brush too aggressively (we get the frustration, honestly). To combat this, fit your showerhead with a filter that will make hard water softer.

4. Tight hairstyles

Sure, a high ponytail looks good, but is this favourite hairstyle of yours the reason behind the receding hairline also? Hairstyles that pull at the roots often cause hair to fall in the long run. You don’t have to sacrifice your favourite hairstyle permanently but make sure your go-to style isn’t one that strains your roots.

5. Not enough vitamins and minerals

If you can’t fix it from the inside, there’s only so much damage that you can cover on the surface. Diet plays a vital role even when it comes to hair growth. The best alternative would be to see a dietician and ensure your body is getting the right nutrients. Your doctor can also prescribe you multivitamins that can aid in reducing hair loss.

6. Colouring, bleaching, and overuse of chemicals

Though some streaks of colour can create contrast and give the illusion of fuller hair, if you find your hair thinning, maybe it’s time you took a closer look at the chemicals that go into these products. If you need to cover up greys and can’t do without colour, opt for natural hair dyes.

7. Over oiling or skipping oil altogether

Balance is essential! Leaving your hair soaked with oil will make your strands heavier and add to the strain on your already weak roots while skipping it altogether could mean a dry scalp and severe dandruff problems. If you don’t fancy oiling, try moisturising hair masks once or twice a week and make sure you don’t skimp on conditioner after a shower. Choose a lightweight conditioner that won’t weigh down your strands. A conditioner for your hair is like moisturiser for your skin.

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