This Is Why You Should Travel Young

This Is Why You Should Travel Young

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1 year ago


Travel. We all want to do it; we all want to see sights beyond our cities and towns, places far away, and we all want our Instagram to be flooded with pictures of exotic locations.


Obviously, some of us do it just for the latter. But that's okay. Because I believe that even when we are traveling for the photos, we are after all, travelling. And one way or the other, the joy of that finds its way to our soul.

Because not just the sights that we behold, travelling brings so many other beautiful things to our life - the ability to see the world differently, be mindful of everything we do, experiences that widens our perspective, and a growth of our soul with each day we spend away from the place we call home.

And if not those things, the people we meet surely change everything. We will probably not see all walks of life in the world, because it's all so wide. But when we travel, we see some of it. We meet so many kinds of people each with their own stories which we may never experience ourselves, but we will at least know better.

We learn life skills as we learn about the world - how to manage expenses, how to be fiercely independent, how to deal with and get out of tricky situations. It makes you stronger mentally and emotionally with no extra effort. And it shapes how you relate to things. How you tackle situations, people and places while you travel develops who you are as a person, it makes you who you are going to be.

In my three years of travelling around the country, there is so much that I have learnt and seen that I can't believe I didn't start travelling sooner in life. Because I wouldn't be as grown a person I am, had I not stepped out of my comfort zone and travelled.

And which is why you should travel, and you should travel young.

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