Top 10 coldest places in the world you should never visit

Top 10 coldest places in the world you should never visit

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Climate, temperature and weather conditions are of great importance. Humans can live in places exhibiting suitable climate. Different places exhibit different climate. Some places are extremely hot while some are extremely cold.

Extreme cold and hot weathers are not suitable for human beings and most of the species. Hence places with extreme weather conditions are usually deserted, for instance, in hot deserts you can find cactus trees and camels with very few human populations while in extremely cold places you may see a polar bear.


This is because such extreme climate places do not allow humans and most species to inhabit them. The so far coldest temperature recorded was that of minus 128.6 degree Celsius. This was recorded in Antarctica in 1983.

As the title suggests, this very article will deal with the top ten coldest places of the world. In the same way, we have also dealt with the hottest places in the world.

10. Rogers Pass – Montana, USA: Roger pass exhibits Humid Continental climate. This is a climatic condition where summers can be warm and hot with humidity while winters can be extremely cold.

The Montana’s Roger Pass can be located on the Continental divide of USA. In 1954 a cold wave struck Roger pass and an extremely low temperature of −70 °F (−57 °C) was observed on 20th January of the same year.

09. Fort Selkirk – Yukon, Canada: The Fort Selkirk was a home Selkirk first nation. The Fort had once been a trading post located at Yukon River.

The place was once deserted in the 1950s because of harsh and cold climate. The temperature falls as low as -74 °F (-58°C) in January

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