20 Talented People Who Only Became Famous After Their Deaths

20 Talented People Who Only Became Famous After Their Deaths

These 20 people contributed invaluable art and information to the world. Unfortunately, they died in poverty, without knowing their worth. But the posthumous fame these people received validates the fact that talent never dies. So even if you get discredited, do your part because nobody knows what awaits.

1. Vincent van Gogh

Irrespective of your background, a name that resonates gallantly in all of our minds from the world of art is Vincent Van Gogh. The painter, who struggled with epilepsy and depression, left behind art to be celebrated for centuries. Often referred to as 'the misunderstood genius,' the unappreciated artist who died in 1890 could sell only 1 painting during his lifetime. Today his unrivalled art is a legacy and is priced in millions. 


2. Emily Dickinson

"Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon." These words by the ahead-of-her-time poet perfectly describes her life, because society wasn't ready for such an enigma. Before her demise in 1886 from Bright’s disease, only seven of her poems saw the light of day, that too after excessive editing in order to fit societal norms. But after her death, about 1800 of her influential poems were found and published which garnered immense acclaim.

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